& Laun Services

The goal of our Services in is to Upgrade Lifestyle and as garments are the expression of self, we have established a brand that helps to maintain and preserve that garments for years for our guest and thus helping in upgrading lifestyle of guest with such a service.

Chawla is a brand for all in the industry of services in and in that started in 1986 with a motivation to organize the laun sector within West Delhi.

The uniqueness that the brand brings with us is the technology that it promotes for cleaning. It uses all ecofriendly solutions. It is introducing technology of Perchloroethylene and Hydrocarbon based solvents. It works with various chemical producers to create or improve the chemicals that can remove stains as well as not damage the garments of its guests.

Our mission is simple: Provide the highest quality cleaning at the most affordable price for our customers. It's a mission that has worked with our and in so far and we believe it will work in future, too.

Our friendly services in Delhi Cantt will come to your door and bring you a new laun and/or bag. We'll pick-up your clothes and be on our way. Pickup and drop facilities are free.

Our partner facilities will wash, fold, press and clean your garments according to the specifications.

You'll be notified that your clothes are ready. Set up a delivery and clean, fresh clothes will be on their way to your door!

For more information you can call us at +91-7065167167.